Optimize Sales Training with Video

You spend a significant sum each year on sales training, but is your investment making business sense? Are your salespeople retaining the knowledge they receive and using it to increase sales? Your investment on training is worthwhile if it enhances employee engagement and productivity, thereby boosting sales and profits. For training to be effective, it must not only comprise high-quality content, it also needs to be appealing and accessible on demand.

Video, with its ability to deliver information concisely in images and words, offers a cost-effective solution to employers looking to transform their training strategy. It can be used to supplement and strengthen established training formats.

Video is a very popular mainstream engagement medium all over the world. Consider the increasing number of YouTube videos accessible online.  It’s not surprising then that video has emerged as a powerful training format in the business world. Companies have been quick to leverage its appeal and develop it into an engaging anytime anywhere learning tool. Video is easily integrated into your existing program. Since it’s accessible on smartphones and other devices whenever required, learners have control over when, where and how much to learn, which is very helpful and empowering.

Today, competitiveness hinges on access to relevant information when and where employees need it most. Unlike other formats, video enables learners to take in information at their own pace. They can pause in order to look up a concept in more detail or to attend to something else.

Benefits of video

Provides accurate feedback

Successful athletes the world over review their game every time to understand what needs improvement and correction. In addition to using video to learn about a new product or a proven sales strategy, video can also be used to review one’s performance to know how effective or ineffective one’s sales pitch is essential for success. Video footage leaves nothing out and makes accurate feedback possible, offering ample scope for reflection and advancement. It can enable moderately-performing salespeople to review the pitch and presentation of top performers and work to improve their own act.

Online applications enable sales reps to record their sales performance and watch it any number of times until they overcome shortcomings and perfect their game, while at the same time comparing their performance with that of a proven sales video.

Increases retention significantly

Research shows that human retention is highest when information is presented in visual form. This is known as the ‘picture superiority effect’. We don’t retain as much when information is conveyed in words.  In his Cone of Learning, Edgar Dale illustrates the extent of retention. According to him, we retain:

10% of what is read

20% of what is heard

30% of what is seen

50% of what is seen and heard

Video, which comprises audiovisual imagery and text, can significantly improve retention and interactive video, which involves active participation, can increase retention even more.  

Improves acceptance/response

Short bursts of information available on the field when a rep needs it most or elsewhere when he has a little time for a recap can make training more welcome and effective. Just-in-time video offers an effective and engaging consolidation of in-person training sessions. Short modules available on mobile when people are most motivated to learn are more palatable and digestible.

Offers accessibility and flexibility

Traditional classroom sessions are location and time-specific. Learners need to be present at the venue on schedule. Relying only on classroom training is time-consuming. Your sales personnel will have to be away from the field in order to attend. Also, concepts that aren’t understood by some in the classroom will have to be explained again. However, integrating video into sales training makes it possible to access a recap of a session as well as additional information anytime and anywhere, doing away with the need for re-explanation in the classroom. Entire seminars can be recorded and relevant parts reviewed as needed.

Clarifies and reinforces product and service knowledge

Recording a presentation of product details and technicalities on video enables anytime access, which can be particularly helpful for new reps who aren’t yet familiar with the company’s products or services.  

We’re not suggesting you replace traditional training methods with video, but integrate it into your existing program in order to optimize your training strategy. Implement just-in-time video to give your sales force real-time tutoring, feedback and the ability to collaborate with each other anywhere anytime. In the high-pressure role that sales is, easy access to valuable content at the right time enables salespeople to inform and convince customers.

The Cogentys LMS enables the utilization of video content on a stand-alone and the build-in quiz and assessment module facilitates attaching these to the content, whether in SCORM format, uploaded video or even linked video material.

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