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3 Ways to Improve Employee Happiness and Keep Productivity High

Communication is a challenge for every business, from the largest corporate entities to the brand new small businesses. To overcome the challenge, departments often resort to stressful, time-consuming meetings. While these are designed to open channels of collaboration, they often end up decreasing... Continue Reading

Getting the Most From Your Automated Training Solution

No matter what topics you introduce to your employee learners or how you deliver a course, you won't drive real results without cutting back on the time you spend on record keeping, reporting and managing assignments and completions. To truly get the most from any training strategy, a good solution... Continue Reading

Types of Employee Training and How to Pick a Winning Strategy

If you're only doing mandated compliance training and the necessary induction training for new hires, you might be missing out on the major business benefits varied training types can provide. In order to get the most from training, consider adding content topics and training over an employee's... Continue Reading

5 Tips for Managing Compliance Risks in the Digital Age

In this ever-connected business environment, most companies store and transmit customer or client data of one sort or another. And that has massive implications for compliance risk. As you know, there are rules about these sorts of things. In the digital age, those rules can be incredibly expensive... Continue Reading

How to Measure the Success of Your Staff Training Program

There's no one right way to train your employees, and you know what suits your organization's goals. But KPIs and measurement is one thing you must incorporate into whichever educational plan or style you choose. After all, if you can't measure it, how will you know whether or not your training has... Continue Reading

Employee Retention: Why Proper Training is the Ultimate Solution

You're not the only employer struggling with the pains of turnover. In fact, turnover costs about $11 billion annually, and that's no surprise when you consider that it costs an employer around 150 percent of a mid-level employee's salary in order to replace them, and an average of 30 to 50 percent... Continue Reading

5 Employee Onboarding Best Practices You Should Never Overlook

Employee onboarding can be a frustrating process, especially because it feels like it never ends. The second you're done fully training a group, your next new round of hires is coming in. And if you're trying to scale at all, that can be a painful reality. Use these five tips to lessen the pain and... Continue Reading

How a Blended Learning Approach Can Improve Employee Onboarding

According to eLearning Industry, 2014 saw 29.1% of corporate training hours delivered using blended learning methods, only a .8 increase over 2013. But trainers should absolutely be looking in this direction, and not just because computers are cool. Blended learning, in which your employees learn... Continue Reading