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5 Tips for Effective Training Records Management

We all know that a "broken record" is annoying because it's repetitive. But a broken records management process? That's annoying for a whole host of other reasons that go beyond repetition — though that's certainly included. If you spend way too much time manually creating and disseminating records... Continue Reading

Do You Even Need Online Compliance Training?

Keeping up with training trends takes time, and you don't have a lot of it. But one trend that seems to be following everyone around these days is online compliance training. If you want to avoid diving into this endeavor until you know if it's right for your organization, keep reading. Deciding... Continue Reading

Solutions and Tips for Effective Retail Sales Training

Retail sales presents a slew of unique challenges. Training for retail sales means you need to consider the high turnover that comes with seasonal flux, where employees train and during what hours, their widely varied initial skill levels, and a lot more. Here are our best tips for making your... Continue Reading

Smooth, Simple HR Reporting: It's Not a Pipe Dream!

You know your reporting efforts are incredibly important to your business. But do you ever feel like all the time you spend recordkeeping and reporting could be better spent elsewhere? Do you ever wonder how well your reports are driving business objectives? You aren't alone. As outlined by Forbes... Continue Reading

Does Your HR Team Have a Succession Planning Process in Place?

If there's one constant in business, it's change. As your company grows and evolves, so too will the people within it, and some of those people will move on to other positions or companies, leaving you to fill the gaps — with new employees, extra work from current employees, or some combination of... Continue Reading

5 Steps to Creating and Refining an Employee Training Plan

Creating a successful training program requires managing a lot of moving parts. But if you keep your focus on your strategy, set concrete goals, and work toward developing a test-and-refine training model, you can greatly improve your chances of success. Designing an Employee Training Plan ... Continue Reading

What to Look for When Evaluating E-Learning Systems

What are the greatest challenges of managing your growing workforce? Getting your employees onboarded quickly? Retention? Ensuring skills are improved over time? Whatever your challenge, implementing an e-learning system can help you overcome it. According to Harvard Business Review, "digital... Continue Reading

The Essentials of Employee Code of Conduct Training

Helping an ethical, safe and inclusive culture thrive should be a main goal of your training programs. Why? As Thomson Reuters' introduction to Code of Conduct Training explains, in some countries, such as the U.S., penalties can be enacted for misconduct under what are called Organizational... Continue Reading