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LMS Overview

Our LMS and consultative approach ensures that every one of your employees, customers and contractors is well trained— and that you can prove it — giving you protection and accelerating your success.

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Compliance Ready

Our LMS will provide you with learning paths, certificates, digital signatures and re-certification for the courses you need to complete your training mandate. With the ability to track learning progress and completions, you can ensure a high level of participation across your organization.


All-Inclusive Pricing Model

Setting up a proprietary, branded learning management system can be costly to your organization. Our pricing model is all-inclusive, with features like single sign-on, HRIS integration and historical training uploads. No hidden costs, add-ons or inconvenient surprises.


Blended Learning

Blended learning systems combine the best of e-learning with traditional, instructor-led training, adding convenience to your tracking and reporting. All training, whether e-learning, classroom, WebEx or one-on-one meetings, can be tracked in one place.

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Modern and Simple Interface

Today's e-learning must be accessible on a variety of devices to give your employees the flexibility to learn, wherever they are and whenever they can. Our modern and simple interface is branded to your organization and is designed for all users, browsers and devices to keep up with your ever-evolving digital needs.


Reporting and Tracking

Real-time, flexible reporting allows you to gain insight into user activity and completion rates in the way that best fits your preferences and training needs. A dashboard and training matrix equips every manager with a high-level tool to quickly review an employee's current training status. System hierarchy ensures the right people see the right reports and easy filters allow you to track analytics by learning path, course or quiz, so you can understand how learners are doing.


Onboarding Made Easy

Whether this is your first LMS or you are transferring from your current LMS, we will make onboarding easy from day one by assisting in setup of your assets, including branding, course uploads and historical training records. We'll also work closely with your HR and IT departments to set up connections and integrations in the right way.

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Saves Time

Our software will not only enable accurate tracking and reporting of training activities, but is also designed to save you time through automation of functions like email notifications, course re-certifications and auto-assignment. Set the criteria to your preference and let the system perform the work.



Our software is built to be used by companies with as few as 500 users and by multinational, growing organizations, with the understanding that businesses are not static. The LMS can be displayed in over 50 languages to fit all of your needs as you grow. Small or large, we've got you covered.


Deliver Any Type of Content Online

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